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JP-S56137752-A: Data highway system patent, JP-S56138610-A: Fuel oil atomizer patent, JP-S56138938-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S56139240-A: Sheet ejecting plate of sheet extracting device patent, JP-S56139664-A: Damping steel plate for working patent, JP-S5614035-A: Periodic object moving method and its mechanism patent, JP-S561405-A: Electric insulator patent, JP-S56140847-A: Floating force finely adjusting apparatus for fishing float patent, JP-S56140902-A: Preparation of concentrated fine powder patent, JP-S56141766-A: Stator of pulse motor for electronic timepiece patent, JP-S56142526-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-S56143174-A: Deodorizing bag containing waterproof pack deodorizing malodor from dust, fish order and excretion patent, JP-S56143203-A: Production of organic solvent-absorbing resin patent, JP-S56143435-A: Laminate type electrophotographic receptor patent, JP-S56143480-A: Playing instrument patent, JP-S56143930-A: Radiant heat measuring device patent, JP-S56145096-A: Hook for lifting article patent, JP-S56146175-A: Electronic device patent, JP-S56146844-A: Hydrogen storing alloy patent, JP-S56147390-A: Method of forming electrode of honeycomb porcelain patent, JP-S56147443-A: Automatic wire bonding method patent, JP-S56148019-A: Flow rate controlling method using measuring hopper patent, JP-S56149678-A: Fault detecting system for travelling solid patent, JP-S56149992-A: Operating device for rope patent, JP-S56150038-A: Novel seco-prostaglandins and their preparation patent, JP-S56150632-A: Disc brake patent, JP-S56150943-A: Vertical type variable-speed motor patent, JP-S5615109-A: Housing for switchboard patent, JP-S56151205-A: Control device in turbine bypass system patent, JP-S56151554-A: Manufacture of laminated board patent, JP-S56152086-A: Self editing device for sorting and recognizing type of general pattern patent, JP-S56152307-A: Differential amplifier patent, JP-S56152583-A: Resinoid-bonded cutting wheel patent, JP-S56152800-A: Treatment of mud patent, JP-S56153072-A: Hinge apparatus for inward tilting window patent, JP-S5615454-A: Decorative fiber product element and production and use thereof patent, JP-S56155024-A: Preparation of needlelike crystalline alpha-feooh particulate powder patent, JP-S56155043-A: Preparation of mica-containing overglaze color for gilding or silvering ceramics patent, JP-S56156284-A: Production of 6-aroylaminopenicillanic ester 1-oxide patent, JP-S56156948-A: Magnetic recorder and reproducer patent, JP-S56157350-A: Vinyl chloride resin metallic laminated board, emboss pattern thereof do not expire, and its manufacture patent, JP-S56157940-A: Grinding stone position automatic compensator in spring grinder patent, JP-S56158798-A: Purine nucleotide derivative patent, JP-S56158943-A: Gas analyzer patent, JP-S56159025-A: Thermal protector patent, JP-S56159120-A: Resin sealing apparatus patent, JP-S56159902-A: Controlling method of stopping electric railcar at fixed point patent, JP-S56160026-A: Method of flowing electric current patent, JP-S56160698-A: Housing structure for decontaminating radioactivity patent, JP-S56160725-A: Pushbutton switch patent, JP-S5616073-A: Dew retardation device for cold storage equipment patent, JP-S56160940-A: Production of chocolate for food product patent, JP-S56161176-A: Selecting system for recording electrode in multineedle electrode type electric discharge recorder patent, JP-S56161721-A: Gate circuit patent, JP-S56162379-A: Evaporator patent, JP-S56162604-A: Manufacture of perforated concrete block patent, JP-S56163127-A: Treatment of polymer patent, JP-S56163202-A: Production of sintered body parts patent, JP-S5616400-A: Compensating circuit for stereophonic feeling patent, JP-S56164815-A: Production of resin-sealed type module patent, JP-S56166125-A: Elimination of alkyl group or alkenyl group patent, JP-S56166750-A: Treating method for stator coil end patent, JP-S56167859-A: Flow-through type hydraulic machine patent, JP-S56168041-A: Combustor liner for gas turbine engine patent, JP-S56168318-A: Manufacture of luminous tube for discharge lamp patent, JP-S5617520-A: High-speed and high-voltage pulse amplifier for capacitive load patent, JP-S5618515-A: Automatic water pouring device for flower pot patent, JP-S5619594-A: Memory failure detection system patent, JP-S5619734-A: Preparation of composite cushion body for sheet of seat and the like patent, JP-1317589-C: patent, JP-S5619781-A: Printing machine patent, JP-S5620995-A: Heat pipe patent, JP-S5621142-A: Copying machine patent, JP-S5621433-A: Photocoupler for half-duplex communication patent, JP-S5621619-A: Electret filter patent, JP-S5621856-A: Pvc back worked good and its manufacture patent, JP-S5621954-A: Direction changer for running truck on guide rail patent, JP-S5622854-A: Outer wall material for residence patent, JP-S5623975-A: Indoor golf playing apparatus patent, JP-S5624427-A: Synthetic resin composition for foaming patent, JP-S5624868-A: Facsimile unit patent, JP-S5625060-A: Steering device doubling as clutch patent, JP-S562592-A: Control rod drive mechanism for nuclear reactor patent, JP-S5626223-A: Automatic weighing device for agriculture patent, JP-S5626438-A: Method and device for isolating and exposing spatial period patent, JP-S5627481-A: Pattern checker patent, JP-S5627767-A: Grinding machine patent, JP-S5629703-A: Numerical value control device patent, JP-S5630050-A: Heating system of disc shaped member to be pressed patent, JP-S5630261-A: Battery and its manufacturing method patent, JP-S5630936-A: Cell proliferation controlling sugar alcohol patent, JP-S5632179-A: Display method of scheduled bus arrival time patent, JP-S5632586-A: Horizontal flame flue housing for coke oven patent, JP-S5634219-A: Receiving unit patent, JP-S5634268-A: Multifrequency signal receiver patent, JP-S5634859-A: Method of tipping multilayer precast board patent, JP-S5635329-A: Fluid communication device patent, JP-S5635338-A: Fuse patent, JP-S5636622-A: Scanning optical system having inclination correcting function patent, JP-S5637079-A: Vibration type grizzly device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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